GRATITUDE | Three Tips To shift your life into the present & shake off negativity.

F5BC0E96-510F-4045-8C6F-630E3D144720Lately I have been feeling a little bit out of sorts and not aligned with who I am, I definitely haven’t been myself the last week, However after some meditation and self examination I have come to realize I have been forgetting the most amazing tool in my kit to life, GRATITUDE. 

It amazes me how even small doses of gratitude can change and shift you whole mood and life itself, life becomes so much more Happier and easier when you are grateful for what and who you have, remember when you once hoped and fought for what you have now!!! Well now you have it so be grateful for it, the life you are living is a creation of YOU and your thoughts.

Gratitude brings us into the present moment and that is all we really have, so how you live your life in the present is basically how you live your whole life so make it a bloody great one. 

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TIP # 1

The first thought when you wake up should be a positive one.

lately I have been waking up with the image of someone on my mind that I miss and I Have been feeling a little sad I cannot see them ,especially when they have just been in my dream (yes this has happened to me on a couple of occasions this month)  however I have realized that it is better to be grateful for them being in my life in the first place, than the thought of not being able to see them in this present moment. shift your thinking into gratitude and watch your mood and attitude change!!!

before you even leave the bed, before your feet even hit the ground be grateful for the cozy bed you have to sleep in every night, be grateful for another day to be alive on this beautiful planet and the beautiful day ahead, then either out loud or in your head say Thank you!!! The trick here is to really feel the emotion of gratitude and genuinely feel it before you say it, it will have so much more impact!!! Then as each foot touches the ground say THANKYOU!! 

TIP # 2

once you have set the tone for your morning/day and settled yourself in with a coffee/tea get out the pen and paper or your journal and write a gratitude list, write what your grateful for and next to it WHY you are grateful for it being in your life!!

For example : Dear Universe Today I Am Grateful For My friends – They are there for me either to lend an ear/hand or to make beautiful memories with in lifes adventures. which makes me very happy and excited, I am grateful for all the different personalities in my life that resonate with mine. ( I am a Gemini so I have a few personalities).

keep writing down what your grateful for, it doesn’t have to be a huge list you can start with three one day and Seven the next as long as you really feel the feelings behind the words you are putting on paper.

TIP # 3

Mindful meditation 

Mindful meditation is a great way to clear your thoughts and bring yourself into the present moment. It doesn’t matter if its 10 minutes or 60 minutes whatever feels good for you in the moment and you can either do a guided mediation or sit in silence with your thought, sometimes I like to sit in silence on my yoga mat with a cushion and light two candles at either end of my mat, sometimes I use my Crystals either holding them or placing them in front of me, Sometimes I like to do guided mediation depending on my minds mental state.

If I am self meditating I take one big breath in and exhale out clearing my mind and lungs, then on the next inhale I will repeat in my head what or who it is I am grateful for and on the exhale I repeat the reasons why I am so grateful and the positives bought into my life from this object or person.

at the end of this practice on the last inhale I like to visualize a light of positive energy within and surrounding me and on the exhale repeat the words thank you.

practice these three tips and I guarantee you will feel a shift in you mood to live the magical life you deserve!!! 

Jade X x O o


Doing What You Love / Why Its So Important.

Being your true authentic self is so important for your mental health, Once you know who you are and what you love you will become unstoppable, So find what gives you joy and continue to chase that, do that and be that!!!

I am very aware of my spiritual tendencies and everyday I get signs purely because I am awakened to my authentic self.

I am on a path of self awareness and the best way to be self aware is to do what you love!!!

I started this blog with many intentions, to share my recipes, to help vent my emotions to a group of people without judgement and to share my quality tips on changing your life through believing in the magic of yourself and the universe.

Doing what you love expands and fills your mind with joy and happiness therefore putting you on the right frequency to attract more things that create joy and happiness.

Sometimes we get wound up in how we think our lives should look that our authentic self gets lost!!! Stay true to yourself and what you love. Be that meditation, watching inspirational videos, going to the creek or the beach feeling the sand between your toes and the water in your hair, or reading a book that sparks your interest, just do one thing EVER DAY that you love so you don’t lose who you are!!!

Also be sure to try new things and have an open mind, how do you know you love something if you never try it. Let go of fear and be the person you want to be… you yourself are your own obstacle.

Jade Xx Oo

For the love of food|The Benefits Of Green Smoothies.


Green Smoothies we all love them, all the different variations and recipes but all with similar if not the same benefits. I am going to share with you my Variation of a Delicious Green Smoothie which I experimented with to get perfect for a few months.

So here it is,  I’m going Coconuts of this one!!!

Simple Green Refreshing Coconut Smoothie 

you will need

  •  2 handfuls of Baby Spinach
  • Half a Zucchini, Chopped up.
  • 400mls of Coconut Water
  • 2 tbls spoons of Coconut youghurt, watch the sugar content of some Coconut yoghurts.
  • 1 Tbl spooon of Maca Powder, gives a honeycomb taste.
  • 1 teaspoon of Coconut oil

Blend in a blender and enjoy!!!

Now to the benefits of a Green Smoothies.

1) Healthy fats 

The word fat can be scary for some but there is a difference between bad and good fats, good healthy fats are great for glowing Skin, Keeping you fuller for longer, helps satisfy cravings, reduces the risk of heart disease and decrease inflammation.

2) Increases Energy

Just having one green smoothie in the morning can keep me going for hours until lunchtime even. if I do snack I will just have some blueberries. The Energy boost is natural so there is not horrible crash.

3) Gives you a Healthy Glow

Green smoothies are powerhouses for antioxidants, They help to reduce the signs of aging as well as hydrating the skin from head to toe, You Aura also gives off a happy glow and people can feel you healthy energy.

4) An Easy way to Consume all those healthy fruits and veggies without even realizing it. 

like mentioned previously there are many Variations of Green Smoothies, A main ingredient in most green smoothies is Kale & Baby Spinach.

we don’t always want to eat a salad or a plate of vegetables and sometimes even eating an apple or piece of fruit can be a inconvenient and takes longer to eat. Green Smoothies are Quick and easy.

5) Great way to adapt healthy habits.

Our minds crave consistency and once you start having a green smoothie in the morning it will become part of your routine and a healthy habit which will then give you the craving for more healthy habits.

like substituting a sugar filled ice-cream for some healthy yogurt or some blueberries to kick the sugar cravings to the curb.

you may even consider trying a Yoga class or starting a walking/jogging routine.

Thank you for reading, be sure to give it a like if you enjoyed it.



Jade X x O o






Attitude of gratitude| Steps to relieve anxiety.

Anxiety can be crippling for some where medication is needed, however another great way to stop anxiety from rearing it’s ugly head is to sit in the attitude of gratitude!!!

You may find there are different things that trigger your anxiety and sometimes it is just a habit, or in some cases lots of people (social anxiety) this is me!!! I have both. However I have learnt now as soon as I feel anxiety coming even if I am just at home doing house hold chores jezzzz sometimes just doing nothing I switch my thoughts to positive ones of gratitude and I ask myself “what do I have in this moment & even life to be anxious about?” And majority of the time I have NOTHING…. if I am feeling anxious about something like say… money or if I have upset someone I stop and list all the amazing things in my life over and over in my head until the feeling subsides!!!! Works every time.


1) Be in the now STOP, take a big breath and come into the present moment, look around you and list 3 things you are grateful to have around you.

2) Get out your pen and paper!! Writing a gratitude list is very powerful. Write what it is you’re grateful for and how it makes you feel.

3) If your running late in a line at the supermarket or just out shopping, repeat the things you are grateful for in your head and shift your mind. You’ll be up at the counter paying before you know it and leaving a lot lighter and happier.

4) meditation, With each inhale list one thing your grateful for hold that thought, SMILE and on the exhale give the reason why and say thank you to the universe.

5) Remember you are alive and breathing and that is something to be grateful for as soon as you open your eyes!!!! Start your day with a grateful heart and anxiety will become less of an issue as the days go by!!!

And lucky last,

6) Carry your positive charged Crystals with you every where and in a moment of anxiety either pull them out or just wrap your hand around them in your pocket and come into the present moment, fill yourself with their positive energy while repeating what it is in that moment you’re grateful for.

Thank you for reading 💗

Jade X x O o

Valentine’s Day|Depression & Tips to overcome the negative emotions when you’re single.

Depression, a subject that has slowly become appropriate to talk about, it was once taboo and no one wanted to know or hear about it, however these days we have recognized that yes Depression IS a thing and many people who suffer who were suffering in silence can now open up!!!

Valentine’s Day can bring up lots of emotions in people suffering mentally, especially if they’re single emotions that come to the surface are loneliness and worthlessness, people begin to believe they are not worth a rose, or chocolates or teddy bears or love if they have no one to receive it from or to deliver it to. A holiday that symbolizes love becomes a day of pain and heartache.

feeling lonely or sad on valentines day can be unavoidable for one suffering Depression, this day may have triggers that intensify these emotions, however if we know someone who may be suffering or we know ourselves that we suffer taking positive steps will ease the feelings of loneliness, self worth and sadness, Some great tools for this are……


If you know someone or you yourself are the one suffering from Depression taking the time to give love to others can really help boost your mood, putting a smile on some ones face is all it can take to put a smile on yours, Taking someone flowers, chocolates, a spa voucher or something homemade like cupcakes or even just a simple card can do the trick, show them you care and they are not alone!!! If you yourself are the one suffering just seeing someone appreciate the love and knowing you have helped another can boost your mood. enjoy Galentines at its fullest and celebrate your girlfriends. You don’t need to be in a relationship to feel loved.


Valentines day can make you feel unworthy of love and seeing loved up couples either in the street or all over your social media can really bring up those self loathing issues. For this one day or perhaps two DO NOT go on social media and spend time with yourself doing what you love the most. use this time to write a new blog about something that makes you happy and brings out your passions, draw a bath with rose petals and your favorite candles, bath bombs and your favorite music, bake your favorite healthy treats, cook yourself a magnificent dinner with all your favorite foods, diffuse your mood boosting essential oils, surround yourself with your Favorite crystals!!! carry a Rose Quartz on you at all times well maybe beside you in the bath, Rose Quartz is the crystal of love it is used to enhance love and positive energy.


Being a single mum on Valentines day is a great way to spend some much needed quality time with your child/children. Take them out to dinner or cook them their favorite dinner if going out and seeing loved up couples triggers negative emotions. Buy them some chocolate or bake with them make some heart shaped cookies or do some craft, make some Valentines cards for their friends/crush. If they are at an age like mine where its not cool to be with mum, just buying them a card or making their favorite meal as a gesture of love can be a wonderful experience and fill your heart with love. make it special light some candles, Take them to their favorite place, go see a movie, go bowling, go to the beach & have a picnic, If you have a baby/toddler dress them in colours of love pinks and flowers, if you have a boy put him in some red.  just being around your little human can erase all the negative emotions this day can bring. 


This one is my Favorite and so simple, simply get out your pen and paper/ journal and start writing all the great things about your life, write about past experiences that made you feel so happy and grateful and remember the feelings these experiences gave you, write down what you have currently in your life that brings you peace, love and joy and really feel those positive endorphins rise, smile as you are writing, if you like hold a Crystal you feel drawn to on this day, I would suggest Rose Quartz or Amethyst.

And last but not least


It can be hard for a person suffering depression to reach out for help but it is important that you realize you will not be judged and there are lots of outlets out there for you to reach out to. Life line is a national charity providing Australians experiencing personal crisis with 24 hour support and suicide prevention. look up your local lifeline for crisis support. Reach out to family and friends just remember it helps to talk to someone and have someone by your side in hard times. 

Thank you for reading

Jade X x O o




Chocolate Walnut and Avocado nice cream slice | part two

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I hope you all enjoyed my recipe and some even made it, well done if you did, I would love your feedback.

As promised here it is, the benefits of each delicious ingredient used in this recipe.

1) Avocado

These babies are not only delicious but an amazing healthy fat known as mono saturated fats which help aid the body in weight loss but go easy as to much of a good thing can be bad. Helps maintain a healthy heart, lowers the risk of heart attack, lowers cholesterol and decreases inflammation.

2) Cacao

This is one of my favorite ingredients as it is a great mood booster known for its anti depressant properties, it’s also full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain, it has more antioxidants than a punnet of blueberries, it’s also known as the highest plant based source of iron and more calcium than cows milk.

3) Walnuts

Walnuts are amazing for brain health which would make sense as they look like tiny little brains. They’re also great for healthy fats (mono saturated), they promote healthy gut health, they’re a great source of plant based omega 3s and they also help aid in weights loss, again enjoy sparingly.

4) coconut oil

Well this is another of my favorites, coconut oil has a bundle of health benefits, it’s great for fat burning and provides your body with quick energy, it helps moisturize skin helping you get a healthy glow, Promotes good gut health and is good for blood sugar and diabetes, aids in liver health and the list goes on, this powerful ingredient is a super food in itself….. get among it.

5) Almond meal

Almond meal is a great substitute for flour and is great for celiac and food allergies, it has all the benefits of almonds as it is just almonds crushed up, it helps to lower HDL cholesterol and has trace minerals like iron and magnesium and also helps add protein to you raw goodies.

6) Manuka honey

Ahhhh an all time fave… Manuka honey no only does this ingredient pack a sweet punch mmmm mmmmmm it helps to fight against infection in the body helping it to heal, it has anti viral and anti inflammatory properties, it helps digestive issues and can also be used to smooth a sore throat.

So there you have it, get amongst these amazing ingredients and start to see a change in your health, as the old saying goes….. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!

Thanks for reading!!! x

Jade X x O o

For the love of food | Chocolate, Walnut and avocado Nice cream slice. – part one.

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We all know the health benefits of Cacao, Walnuts and Avocado and if you don’t watch out for my next blog as I explain the health benefits of this recipe, I will be sharing not only the recipe for this delicious slice but also the health benefits of every ingredient in part two, So let’s get started……


 1/2 cup of Cacao powder

1/2 cup of walnuts, crushed

2 Avocados, sliced

2 Tbl spoons of extra virgin coconut oil, melted

1 tbl spoon of pure maple syrup or Manuka honey. Optional if you prefer a little sweetness

1 1/2 cups of almond meal

To make Simply mix ingredients in a bowl until it forms a smooth texture leaving out the Avocado to add in last.

Pour into a baking tray, as you are pouring in add the avocado 2 cms apart at the bottom and on top of the tray.

Place in the freezer over night, can be eaten cold or left for a few minutes to become a bit softer. Has an ice cream texture.

That is how easy it is and tastes delicious. If you do make it feel free to let me know your thoughts & watch out for the benefits of this delicious slice in Part two of this blog post.

Jade X x O o